The Project

Collegeassist is an educational centre engineered to prepare and assist students not only in becoming the ideal academic individual yet also in securing their places in world leading universities. We offer our students the opportunity to participate & organise various events. Not only as a strategy for self – development, but also to acquire the art of teamwork and leadership.

Our Values


We teach our students important values such as respect, teamwork and giving back to the community


We strive to continuously improve what we do by setting stretching objectives and measuring outcomes


We listen to our colleagues, students and parents and collaborate to achieve more through new ideas.


We always focus on the quality of our services and make sure all our students reach their goals

How we work?

Our programme is built of a unique infrastructure consistent of exceptional skilled teachers & distinct resources that appropriately prompt learners in mastering the English language, IELTS, TOEFL & SAT exams.

Our methods range within various workshops, intensive group/ private classes, summer programmes as well as one to one counselling service. Using such methodology, we thus provide full guidance not only in selecting and attaining the appropriate university for students, but also aiding in delivering the ideal application as well as outstanding grades to secure their places, including that of scholarship opportunities; Making our students the ideal candidates.


Unfortunately, education is at a critical stage in Morocco and other Arab countries, lacking significant developments in its infrastructure. Most importantly academic guidance is one of them and mentoring and directing isn’t a prominent feature in Morocco and North Africa, and the academic paths are moderately limited. So, as previous generations, the current generation hastily reach an academic standpoint where they eventually find themselves unsure of what, how and where to study.

The struggle doesn’t end here, access to higher education in Morocco is also restrained where private education seems to be prevailing over public education; consequently, leading students to struggle to search for alternate paths without passion. So, with the prevailing economic disparities and restrained education system, Collegeassist raises awareness and guides in delivering scholarship opportunities (that cover total expenses) particularly in America, for students of lower income groups.

Our Mission

The goal of this project is to provide and maintain a support and guidance system where students eventually build the appropriate foundation essential to pursue a path in higher education.

Not only in terms of intellectuality, yet also in realising their strengths, weaknesses and interests whilst determining what scholastic field they want to dive into as well as the numerous opportunities they can attain abroad that isn’t unfortunately offered in Morocco. We want the rising generation to access the globalized world, abreast of all new developments whether in Arts, literature, Science or Technology and most importantly develop new skills and a wider outlook.